Is Homosexuality a communicable disease??

So sorry to disappoint you, Im "strictly-dickly"

Of course, it isn’t!  I just wanted to prove a point.  First off, it’s not a disease.  Secondly, you don’t become “gay” by association. Yet, some people (on both sides of the team) would have you believe so.

I would have thought that as a community that has experienced so much discrimination and hate, they would be a little more sensitive and open-minded.  As a dark-skinned, Latin American, woman, I hit the gene pool lottery when it comes to the types of discrimination I could possibly experience, and LORD KNOWS, I’ve experienced them ALL…. except, I’m not gay.  Even so, I’m still very sensitive to the GLBT community and embrace them with open arms.

I am, however, extremely open-minded, gay-friendly, and an advocate for legalizing gay marriage.  I’m  very sensitive to the GLBT community and embrace them with open arms.  I love my GLBT’s.  In support of this community, I attended Miami Pride and I had a fantastic time.  It was great to see old friends  I hadn’t seen in a while.  I danced my booty off with anyone who wanted to shake their booty with me.  It’s all love!

Miami Pride 2011

My Sister and I at Pride - Donning our head covers to shield our hair from the rain. (Dont judge me.)

So why am I being harassed about my sexual orientation? Someone (lesbian woman) said to me “Oh, I saw you dancing with girls out there… don’t front” or (from a gay man) “Straight? Yeah right, sister, you’re at Pride.”  Really, GLBT, Really?  So if I dance with a lesbian woman, did I just catch “lesbianism?”  Oh wait… I was also hanging with gay men.  **GASP*** Am I going to turn into a gay man?  (Wait, I find some gay men attractive. Maybe I did turn into a gay man! Gay men are usually pretty hot, but I digress…)  Of course, not. Not anymore than dancing with me will make you straight.   My lesbian sisters, none of you had the sudden urge to go s*ck a d*ck, didya? Didn’t think so…

So much crap you talk about acceptance and yet, yet take a gander at how you ostracize someone who is not “playing on your team.”  So ignorant… and  so disappointing.

One thought on “Is Homosexuality a communicable disease??

  1. Mi querida Negra!! Sister from anotha Motha!!

    I read this and I remember our conversation that day when you were (in my eyes) harassed by this woman. Since I enter my teens I have always been a BIG GLBT supporter, even before I knew I belonged to the community (ha, ha!) and it has always upset me and pretty much enraged me the following facts:

    Why if we are already a discriminated community must we discriminate back? It would be to naive of me to think as human beings we dont have discrimination inserted in our head by our parents, society, etc. BUT we grow up, we educate ourselves, we experience life….Why be so ignorant to assume if ANY straight friends attend ANY GLBT event, gathering or befriend GLBT humans would they catch the GLBTism??? Dont we want the world to see us as ONE? To be supported? Accepted? Loved for what we are inside NOT our orientation?

    Ive always said what is fair is fair….If I do not allow my straight friends to shun or speak in a derogatory way, assume without experiences or education about GLBT humans,issues and life…..same way I don’t allow anybody from the GLBT community to make their ignorant assumptions regarding straight humans. I know the word “allow” is quite strong and not very “let be n be happy” BUT as you know me, IF I am in the situation or conversation they will get a very educated, inquisitive and informative earful. Call me a hard core activist or a mouthy Latina but this is me.

    As you know Ive dabble (for Love and pure Love… not even experimentation-as I believe Love has no gender) between two letters of the lovely acronym GLBT and experience discrimination from BOTH sides…my Straight humans and my GLBT ones. It saddens me and disappoints me to see that we might be ONE HUMAN FAMILY in the eyes of the universe….but we don’t believe it yet. All we cando is continue to educate as activist ONE person at a time.

    Sigh….someday Darlin!

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