Hump Day Confession: I’m not Invincible.

Yes,  I’m sure this difficult for all of you to believe… Hell, I had a hard time wrapping my head around it.

For most of my natural life, I operated under the belief that absolutely nothing could harm or hurt me… AS IF anything could even touch me.  ”It’s all in your head’‘, I would tell myself. Even when I felt pain, I understood it as being a small, ephemeral, sacrifice to my goals and aspirations.  I was am harder on myself than anyone.

Driven to a fault,  I pushed myself — past the point of exhaustion and back again– and then pushed further.  Limitless, I knew no bounds and continuously and mercilessly abused them.

One day, while eating a nice healthy serving of humble pie, I learned my limits.  **chuckles** Wow... never thought I’d see the day I would actually admit to having any.

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