Are You Falling for the Current/Ex Lover Sob Story?

Every man begins the relationship with certain cards up his sleeve — Aces — tools of seduction by which he lures a new woman.  Just when I think I’ve seen them all, these ever inventive creatures find new and creative ways to disarm and subsequently bed unsuspecting women.  

One of the most notorious examples is: The Current/Ex GF Sob Story. 

Big Boys Don't Cry

Allow me to deconstruct the essential elements:

  1. Myth of Male Shyness (Feigned Vulnerability)
  2. Demonize Current/Ex Lover
  3. You v.s. Current/Ex Lover
  4. The Suggestive Close

This is an example of what Mr. ShyGuy sounds like:

He says: “You’re so easy to talk to… not like my GF.”

This is imperative to understanding the Myth of Male Shyness for though you think he’s flattering you, he’s actually flattering himself by showing how open, sensitive and honest he is.  The “two” portion of this “one-two punch” is that in that same breath, he also managed to demonize his current lover while pitting you against her by drawing the comparison.

He says: “I just… I try so hard…
and I’m sure she doesn’t mean to be such a cold woman.”

Just in case you start to think he’s a coldhearted, home-wrecking womanizer, he’ll throw this in, just to prove he’s leaving his current lover “high and dry” for good reason.  He’ll act as if he is actually tormented with guilt at the thought of abandoning her.

He says: “What’s that thing they always say about the love of a good woman? he he he”

What is it that say??? That once offered it’s guaranteed to come back and bite her in the ass.

And though, while the male may often seem shy with all his hand-wringing, and “aw, shucks toe-kickin,” he is actually a narcissist, because this apparent shyness belies the more deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness and fear of rejection. This is what compells him to seek attention from new woman after new woman, ad nauseam et infinitum.

Although I pride myself on being able to spot these disingenuous attempts, I will admit I, too, got totally played have fallen prey.

(In case you ever read this, “Touché, m*therf****r, touché…”)

So when you hear the “sob,” what you’re really hearing is a S. O. B.  If you must, proceed with caution… and then close this page and read the book above. You done lost yo’ damn mind are beyond my help now.

That is all.

Love, Dee.


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