Day One – Here We Go…

Day 1: Introduce, Recent Picture of Yourself, 15 Interesting Facts

Hi! Daniella Veras, here. 🙂

I initially started my social escapades under the sobriquet, Deelicieux.  Originally, I intended to keep my posts anonymous and don’t quite remember exactly why I changed my mind. I’ve never liked feeling like I have something to hide preferring (sometimes to my demise) to be open and genuine. My blog and Tumblr are under “La Passionista”, as this is where I bitch about my personal forum for expressing my sentiments on Love, Sex and Relationships.

You know you’re addicted to Social Media if: You speak “hashtag”. #ItsaProblem

A natural Social Media Addict Maven, I’m sure you’ve seen me on other platforms (Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Instagram, Soundtracking, etc, etc, etc. ad infinitum).

How ever it was you found me, Welcome! 🙂

Now for a recent picture, this was taken last week at a Salsa Social Event hosted by the Miami Salsa Scene.

Recent PictureThrowin up the Deuces!
Tweeting at Moonchine Last weekInvariably Tweeting, Tumbling, Tapping, or Checking in…

And now…. On to the Fifteen Interesting Things About Me.

  1. I posted those pictures for two reasons: One, I’m not as photogenic as people think I am and here is the proof; and two, I find the fact I was caught “in the act” amusing.
  2. I can speak some Hindi/Urdu. Not a lot, just enough where people are impressed. I know a few songs in Hindi by heart, too.
  3. A friend of mine once told me: “You don’t sleep; You take naps.” I don’t require much sleep (other people may call this gift insomnia). Every now and again, it’s annoying.
  4. I hate shopping. I like nice things, but hate the process. I have a threshold of about an hour before it gives me a migraine.
  5. I have a humongous family. Between my siblings, their respective spouses and children, we could populate a small town.
  6. Even though I have a huge family, I’m an orphan here in Miami. (Singing off key: Allllll byyyyy myyyyyself…. ) Thank Goodness for my Sistas from another Mista! Love these, lovely ladies!
    My SistersMy Sisters aka SG’s
  7. I’m taller than the average man and blow the average woman completely out of the water. I’m not freakishly tall, but tall enough where people will comment on it.
  8. I have two scars on my face: one on the outside of each eyebrow. They happened at different times. No tattoos.
  9. Not quite non-regional diction, I have a very ambiguous accent, except when I’m excited or angry.  If start dropping my “R’s”, I hope it’s because I’m excited. I’m not nice when I’m angry.
  10. That said, I am fully bilingual. I switch from Spanish to English without even noticing I made the transition. Living in Miami has exacerbated my condition. I can converse/communicate/understand a couple more languages, as well.
  11. When I was a kid, I saw Bizet’s Carmen on PBS and have loved opera ever since. My sister would cry when I watched it. Clearly, she didn’t like it as much as the Saturday morning cartoons.
  12. A natural promoter and brand ambassador, I’ve sold just about everything (but my soul) that could legally be sold. Want to make sure I cleared that up… 😉
  13. I’m an early adopter. I’m usually the first to discover something (food, technology, media, etc. ) and start proselytizing it to everyone else. I’ve been called an influencer.  (See: Influence Marketing)
  14. I love live music and love to dance, but I was very shy when I was  younger.  I didn’t get started dancing until later in life. Never wanted to embarrass or draw attention to myself.  Thank goodness, I got over the shyness and don’t mind making a fool of myself as long as I’m having fun. I finally found NY Style Salsa in Miami, so I look forward to finally learning to dance it beautifully.

    My friend and not to mention beautiful dancer, Edilka, who showed me where the REAL “Salseros” have been hiding all my life. ❤
  15. I am all love, all the time. My enthusiasm is infectious and an interminable amount energy. I love to spread love and help others. I love hugs and am very affectionate (with most people) .  I will purr like a kitten if you rub me the right the right way. However, rub me the wrong way and you will soon see this kitty’s got claws. 😉

I’m pretty sure you have a few bonus facts in there. Hope those were interesting enough for you… 😉

Love and Blessings, Dee.

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