Day 2: Nicknames

I have had a plethora of nicknames, but none ever stick. For your amusement, see the following:

  • DFK  (Doll Face Killah) – named after GhostFace Killah of the Wu Tang after my stint in Staten Island.  Love the song C.R.E.A.M.
  • Tanahyri, Anjali, Serafin, DominicanVixen – Old handles from old email/AIM accounts
  • Suz, Suzie, Sue, Suzy Q – Bleh
  • Dani, Dee, D-Money, D-Nice, Deelish – Variations of my name. VERY familiar, though.
  • Mami (the Universal “Mami”) – As one of the few Latin women, if you asked “Where’s Mami?” they knew who you were referring to. There were many mamis but I was THE Mami. 😉
  • Mami Long Legs – Pretty self-explanatory – Variation of Daddy Long Legs, because, well… I have long legs.
  • Giganton – as my cousin would say b/c he thought I was gigantic.
  • Flaca – Apparently, I’m slim these days.
  • Chichi – because I call my friends “Chichi” as a term of endearment.
  • Wiki (Wikipedia) – According to my coworkers, I know everything. (Legit LOL)
  • Mangu – Only one person calls me that (Love you, sister.) and I make a bangin’ mangu!
  • Platano – because of it’s association with Dominicans.
  • NegraTerm of endearment. I love it when my mom calls me that. I use it frequently as a term of endearment myself. (Negro/a)
  • SDV – Referring to my acronym.
  • Veras – My last name. While in the school system (or ROTC),  we just called each other by our last names to avoid using the first names in front of other students. Those little rascals need little provocation.
  • Miss V. – Usually by my students.

Of all of these, very few are used regularly, if at all. Most of my close friends call me Dani or Daniella. (Related: This post is hashtag LAME.)

That is all.

Love, Dee.

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