ROLL CALL: Looking for a Few Good Men…

Actually, I only need one.

I am seeking MEN that are:

  • LEGALLY single (This means you are not in a relationship, married, separated, engaged or otherwise);
  • emotionally and physically available;
  • gainfully employed;
  • looking for a serious, long-term relationship leading to marriage (for reasons besides obtaining a green card).


  • are Gay (only because I need you to be attracted to women, namely ME);
  • still live at home;
  • have babymamma/ex drama;
  • have trust, commitment or intimacy issues;
  • require anger management;
  • have not finalized divorce;
  • are  half or twice my age;
  • direly afflicted with the “Peter Pan Syndrome”;
  • Prone to “Compulsive Lyinitis”;
  • have a venereal disease;
  • any other issue (psychological or otherwise) that prohibits you from maintaining healthy relationships — go sit yo’ *ss down somewhere.  Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Are they even out there? Have they all been been abducted by the Taliban and living in a cave in Kazakhstan? If you exist, please like or comment on this post.

Thanks bye.

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