Yo en el amor soy un idiota… (I’m a Fool in Love)

“Que ha sufrido mil derrotas, que no tengo fuerzas para defenderme….”

The Love You Make

Practice Love Often

I know some of you have warned me against this (i.e. leaving myself so wide open). I don’t know any other way exist. I either do something — or I don’t. Simple as that. I don’t do anything half-assed. (Call me full-assed… ha!) Sometimes, this philosophy works against me.  Okay…  A LOT of times it works against me. Perhaps this makes me a masochist, but I welcome it.  Those of us who have been hurt before may think putting up walls and closing yourself off is a practical means of protecting oneself from future heartbreak.  WRONG!  All you are doing is limiting your experience of the world. When you close yourself off to the “bad stuff” you also close yourself off to the “good.”  You won’t let anyone come close enough to hurt you, but they can’t get close enough to love you either.

This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something. – Eat, Pray, Love

Nothing in life is mutually exclusive. You cannot know light without knowing darkness. If you can recognize darkness, be thankful, because that means that you have known light.  By the same token, if you feel pain, be thankful, because it means you also have known pleasure. Love works the same way.  You cannot appreciate its presence without first knowing its absence — even more so if you’ve had love, lost it, and gained it again. MMmmmmmm….. it’s like your favorite meal, dessert, or that which you’ve been craving, desiring and fantasizing about for so long. You remember the flavor, though its memory is growing faint, yet you still long for it.  When you finally get the first taste, the sensation against your lips is absolutely blissful — enough to topple the steadiest of hearts.


All I can say is, I hope to get knocked on my ass, butt-crazy, head-over-feet,  in love again. I’m ready for the real thing… Bring it on!

Seguiré siendo capaz de subir al cielo para bajarle un montón de estrellas…

With Love, D. 

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