Letter to: Mr. Duplicity

Hey Beautiful People!

Many times, friends reach out to me for advice.  I’m asked “What would you do in this situation?” or “What would you say to this person?”  To that end, I’m starting a “Dear Dani” segment where I either address the situation or draft a letter addressing the situation. The advice seeker can then use this information however they see fit (letter, email, in person, etc).

So let me give you the Q&D (Quick and Dirty) on today’s situation:

Dear Dani,

I met this guy and we had an instant connection.  The chemistry was off the charts.  Because of this connection, we kinda hooked up on the first night, which it so not like me and he claimed he wasn’t after that. I kind of gave in just to see if he would prove me wrong.  He was ok for about a day, then starts to act shady, avoiding me, being evasive when I ask him anything. As expected, “Prince Charming” falls off the face of the earth shortly thereafter with narrowly a text, much less a phone call.  I really just want to say SOMETHING to him and get somethings off my chest, but I don’t know what.

So, here it goes:

Dear Mr. Duplicity ,

I just wanted to let you know that I NEVER move so quickly with a guy. I guess I thought you were different. Maybe it’s because you were smart, charming and ambitious or maybe it was the incredibly amazing instant connection we shared. I guess it doesn’t hurt that you’re kind of easy on the eyes. Now I see you’re no different from the other Miami schmucks I’ve been dealing with and I was simply suckered by an over-sized ego and a god complex so, SO big, you can’t even bother to return a phone call, much less answer a question directly.

So CONGRATULATIONS, you lost me. Just like you can lose my number, though it seems you already have.


The Best Thing You Never Had

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