The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post :)

I know this is a “Hallmark Holiday.”  and *whooop-dee-dooo* today of all days in the year you will NOW be “thankful.” Give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back. That said, if only for ONE day people stop and appreciate something, ANYTHING in their life, I consider it well worth the commercialization. 

My wish today is that it does not end here and that we (yes, I include myself) always have an “attitude of gratitude.”  Not just feeling grateful, but also expressing that gratitude freely and openly. My wish today is that we appreciate the awesome life we have been given and do something amazing with it.

I am especially thankful to have the ability to serve others and share my talents, love and joy — to be a manifestation of God’s love on earth.  I am thankful for amazing inspiring people that have come into my life and even more thankful for those that have left.

I could go on forever… and for that, I am thankful.


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