I can’t give you anything, but…

I do not deal well with death/illness/suffering. For someone who always seems to know what to say, when it comes to this, I am at a loss.

I am certain that is so because I know all too well there is nothing to say. Deafening silence. There is no right thing. No words to make you feel better.  There is no consolation prize. With sadness in my eyes, I have nothing else to offer. Just these two arms and lots of love.

Sometimes (most times) that is not enough. These two arms can’t take away the pain and trust it is not for lack of trying…. I try. ::sigh:: I try….

And if I say “I’m sorry” that just might REALLY piss you off. You think I’m sorry for your condition, like it’s my fault or my decision. I know it’s not, I know. Truth is I’m sorry I could not give you more.

I wish I had more. All I have is these two arms. No words. Lots of Love.

It’s not enough.


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