Lost in Translation

Male & Female

 (Photo credit: Conanil)

I wrote this many years ago, circa 2007, a young ingenue exploring the differences in communication styles between men and women. I confess, I was drunk when I wrote this….

How do I get through to you.
and explain to you,
when you speak Manlian
and I speak Femalese?
It’s so difficult for me to transliterate
b/c there are no words that translate
At least not effectively…
Lest we resort to sign language
and middle fingers never make anything better.

So what do we do?
Just sit around with an air of misunderstanding.
We missed the point
and we missed understanding…

And then you wonder why my eyes
are glassier than they should be…
and then you ridicule me..
but in Manlian that means you don’t comprehend
which in Femalese that doesn’t translate right.

But, “I love you”, does.
And, “I need you”, does…
Why don’t you just say that?

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