No Hard Feelings…


Love about to wash away...

(Photo credit: he(art)geek)

Give me something, feasible, viable…. What is this plan of yours? Give me something tangible, something I can hold, something I can touch and touches me. Words remain for a fleeting moment and are carried away by the wind, as if the syllables had never been breathed from someone’s lips. A brief mental lapse. Give me something real so that I never have any doubt.

And if not, let this then remain just a secret smile in the back (or the front) of my mind, depending on the day time and weather. In my travels, I’ll think of you fondly. If our paths happen to cross, I will not disregard you. I will greet you, kiss both your cheeks and, for a moment, remember you … and us. And then I’ll smile.

2 thoughts on “No Hard Feelings…

  1. I leave you a song, an eternal song played on the strings of my heart. A special love song for your ears only. Its tone is deep and its rhythm is a soft flow of symphonic bliss. Like a kiss from the lips of my soul to yours. A kiss that can be felt in the heavens. I yearn to sing a song to your soul and dance with your mind. As our lips embrace to the music we connect to the upper worlds and stir the angels in Heaven. Time will not move for this will be an endless song a timeless dance eternal.I desire to hold the softness of you in my arms, to support your greatness and always keep your lifted high within your dreams.

    Corazon divina donde estas en este momento? no puedo mas sin ti. No puedo juantar mas sin la musica que es tu corazon. Baila con mi una baila eternal.

    Is this the love that you desire to be left, for this is the love that I desire to leave you.

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