… as long as you do not stop.

This trip back “home” really threw off me off my game for the Social Media Club South Florida Blog Off. By this point, I would have given up… Reminds me of every time I’ve resolved to eat better and invariably, “messed up.” That ONE french fry ruined my entire diet, so why not just go ahead and eat the entire order, right? *smile* I didn’t have to do that. I could just start again… Just because we didn’t keep the diet exactly right, didn’t work out as long as we planned, or blog every day, doesn’t mean we should stop. It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop and you keep moving forward.

Though I missed a few days, it was well worth it. I made it to the Haunted Jaunt, Ignite Miami #2, dancing at the Well on Miami Beach, Miami New Times Tweet Up at Pepe Nero, and A Pink Party at the Delano. Most of all, I got to connect with some of wonderful friends I’ve been missing.

Here are some images of the fun that’s been keeping me out in the world and away from my computer…


James Echols of Soul of Miami with the beautiful Monica Lynne Herrera at the Haunted Jaunt


Annette Piekert and James Echols of Soul of Miami at the Haunted Jaunt in Coral Gables


JennyLee Molina of JLPR and me at the Haunted Jaunt. Amazing makeup by Shaquira Bonilla


My lovely Philanthrofemme sisters, Channing Rollo and Diana Pinto


Awesome Zombies made up by Shaquira Bonilla and her students at Beauty Schools of America


The Dynamic #IgniteMiami Duo, Alex de Carvalho and Janie Sederberg Coffee


David Yakobovitch presenting his Self-experiment


The Badass Market Hacker herself, Alex Wall with RockIt Labs


Vanessa Scotto presenting The Girl, The Crayon and the Divide


Pink Party at the Delano


We were looking for trouble and we certainly found it 😉

I may have lost my opportunity at the “consistency award” but the time spend with great friends and family is priceless. For those I haven’t connected with yet, may I please see you soon?  What have you been getting into lately? 🙂

Love, Blessings, y Buena Vibra,

Dani V


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