The Big Shift: Going From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

gallery_pic_jgThis year, I have decided to make this my best year. To stop letting fear run the show and get out of my own way. This why I am so excited to attend, The Big Shift. This weekend I am kick starting myself inside and out.

You have all been hearing the buzz about Jennifer Grace, the Transformation Coach and Hay House author.  This weekend at the The Center of Grace she’s gathered an amazing team of wisdom professors to present The Big Shift, a well-rounded crash course designed to take you to the next level.

Day/Weekend Passes all include a delicious Raw Foods Lunch, Gentle Movement Classes, Healing Sessions, and Transformative Workshops such as:

The Art of  Acting As If with Jennifer Grace
The Spiral Journey Val Silidker, MS
Overcoming Procrastination with Thea Sommer
Creating Financial Freedom with Jayne Mills
The Art of Communication with Channa and Michael
How to Heal Your Life with Dr. Seth Grossman
Why Detox? with Dr. Filiz Bakir
Kicking Bad Habits with Darren Cefalu
Secrets of Internet Marketing
Raw Cooking 101 with Lisa Grossman
Astrology Mysteries Revealed with Lori Bell

Just one of these classes is easily worth $30 to $40. As part of The Center of Grace’s Grand Opening weekend, they are offering a special deal.  For just $30 dollars, you can attend the ENTIRE day. Enjoy the entire weekend for $50.  Such a worthwhile investment!

Listen to Jennifer Grace’s personal invitation to The Big Shift:

For the full schedule, click here:  The Big Shift Registration and Schedule

On Facebook: The Big Shift: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

It’s almost sold out so don’t miss your opportunity. 

For more info, go to:


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