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Blogging 101 and Photo 101 Start November 3

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If you’ve new to blogging and missed September’s Blogging 101, never fear — a new offering starts up on Monday, November 3rd. We’re also excited to announce Blogging U.’s first photo course, Photography 101. Learn more about each and register:

Photography 101

This November, we launch a new track in Blogging U.: photography! First up: Photography 101, a photo-a-day challenge that combines a daily photo theme with photography and photo editing tips. You’ll publish new posts, make new friends, and hone your photographer’s eye.

Photography 101 is a month-long course, starting November 3 and ending November 28. This is an intro-level course open to all, from new bloggers and hobbyist photographers to veteran photo challenge participants and pro-shooters. Use the camera you like — a phone, a point-and-shoot, or a dSLR.

A note on cameras…

If you’ll be shooting mainly from your iOS or Android phone or tablet, download…

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The Lesser of Two Dating Evils

Relationships are tough. It’s hard to keep the good ones, good. It’s a never-ending struggle. You have to work on it everyday. It’s like you’re working with a giant zipper that keeps coming down just a little everyday creating a divide between you and your partner. The idea is you have to keep pulling it back up faster than it can come back down. Otherwise, your wind up getting caught with your fly open and, more than likely, with your pants down. By then, it’s a lot harder to bridge the gap.

I believe that when you are in a relationship, you have to grow together and get to know each other every day. We are the sum of our experiences and are molded by them. We are growing and changing every day. It’s important to share these experiences and grow together, before you grow apart. It happens to a lot of people. Plugging away, day in and day out, until one day you get home  and you realize there is a stranger in your bed.

What then? Do you save it? Or do you start over?

It could be argued that if you want a relationship to last you have to try to make it work one way or the other. Maybe that means putting up with something you normally wouldn’t accept, just to keep the peace. Like stinky feet or Friday night happy hour with the buddies (whatever the gets your knickers in a knot). So you bend… until you’re a pretzel. Deep down it still bothers you. So you hide it away inside, until one day… the pretzel breaks. Quite fragile aren’t they? But you want your relationship to last don’t you? (note: mild sarcasm) Something’s gotta give…But who ever said that the name of the game is, “Let’s see who can make the relationship last the longest!”?

Then again, is starting over a good idea? Go back out into the Dating world? I’m sure there are readers out there right now who are cringing at the thought. That dating phase is hard, isn’t it? Meeting your date’s “representative,” going though countless awful dates until you either find someone you can deal with  (you may or may not wind up back in the previous scenario) – OR – Give up and join the clergy. Maybe you’ll get lucky, like really lucky. You find, Mr/s Right, Perfect, Prince/ss Charming, Dr. McDreamy… whatever it is you fantasize about, there he/she is. You found it. Now you can get married and live happily ever after right? Just like on TV!

So what do you say?

Is it better to …

A)Stick with the whack job you’ve got and try to make it work? or

B)Play the Florida Lottery? LOL Figuratively speaking of course.

SocialBrew Miami 6th Ed at Will call

Thank you so much Wellington for the photo and for sharing this post. Check out his blog at http://wellingtonguzman.wordpress.com/ 🙂

Wellington Guzman Photography

SocialBrew Miami 6th Ed at Will call

Day 17 of the Social Media Club South Florida #SMCSFblog 30-day blogging challenge.
#SocialBrew is a lecture, panel, and networking series held at Will Call Miami. This month the topic was “Making Your Events Social Media Friendly”.
MODERATOR: Alex Wall @markethacker SPEAKER PANEL: Heather Lopez @HeLoEnterprises Daniella Veras @DaniellaVeras John D. Saunders @JDSaunders_ Nate C. Mendenhall @NCMSocial Christine De La Huerta @cmhuerta

Here’s a video recap

Repost, because sharing is caring! 🙂

Wellington Guzman

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30 Day Blog Challenge and 15 Quick Things About Me

Thanks to the Social Media Club of South Florida I am once again involved in a 30 Day Blog Challenge. The first time I tried this, I only made it to Day 3. My second attempt, Day 15. I am thinking I can make it all the way through this time. 🙂

Some of you participating I know pretty well (as well as you can know anyone online). Others, not so much. So in case you’ve been living under a rock or you don’t use social media AT ALL I thought it would be cool to tell you a little bit about me. Here goes.

  1. I’m kind of random. My randomness is a frail attempt at my mouth trying to keep up with my mind. I am curious and hungry for knowledge. I have a open mind. I absorb everything until it has been exhausted. Then, I quickly lose interest and move on to the next thing, also known as ADHD. (Just kidding, I think)
  2. I’m goofy. Awkward in a way, but you’d never be able to tell.  I have a strange sense of humour. Sometimes I laugh at things no one else thinks is funny. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ …and dassit. I’m mildy sarcastic.
  3. Confession: I’m prejudiced. I’ve made up my mind about you before you get through the door. I do give you a chance to prove me wrong. I rarely am.  That said, I try my best to view people and situations with love and compassion. I truly and genuinely want to believe that people are doing the best they can with the cards they are dealt.
  4. I’m very polite (or so I’ve been told). I’m not, however, afraid to offend people. I’m quite cordial to most people, even if I don’t like them. Is that hypocritical or kind?
  5. I don’t base my future on my past. I don’t base the future of others on their past. I believe in second chances.
  6. I’m a good girl *ahem* mostly. What is a good girl anyway? A bad girl that doesn’t get caught. Leave no evidence! 😉 I’m a good person intrinsically. I try to be.
  7. I don’t do drugs, but oh! do I drink! Wine, mostly… or a caipirinha… or tequila… with salt & a lime… or maybe just pinapple juice. I drink. ha!
  8. I love. I love to love. I’m open to people with good energy.  I’ll befriend just about anybody. I hug and kiss!
  9. I have a dirty mind. If there is the slightest hint of a double entendre, I’ll pick up on it in a second. I’ll talk about anything. Anything at all. Most importantly, I listen. I learn.
  10. I’m a little blunt. I say what I think. I have a very limited filter between my mind and my mouth. Sometimes, I very limited filter between my mind and my mobile devices. Stephen King said “write drunk, edit sober.” I’m still working on the later. 😉
  11. Stupid people annoy me. Hmm… actually, no. It’s the ignorant that people piss me off. There is too much access to information for ignorance to run as rampant as it does.
  12. I’m perpetually in love… it really doesn’t matter what. I have the gift of seeing beauty in places no one thinks to look.
  13. My taste in music is eclectic. I surprise people with my varied tastes. I favor hypnotic voices and enchanting melodies.
  14. I love food. I’ll try anything once. I’ve developed a taste for spicy foods. I love fusion restaurants! My tongue dances around my mouth just thinking about it.
  15. I pick up languages quickly. It’s my cheap parlor trick. My goal is to learn to explain contracts in at least 5. Generally, I speak Spanglish, with a sprinkle of Italian and French, and now Portuguese. During normal conversation, I will switch from English to Spanish and back again seamlessly without realizing I’ve even made the transition. Living in Miami has exacerbated my condition.  I’m known for my #WEPA.

So those are some fun little facts that came to mind about me. I’d love to learn about you, too.  What are some fun facts about you? I love comments. 🙂

Happy June and Happy Blogging, mi gente!

What Have You Done for YOU Lately? – The Big Bliss

If there were ever such a thing as a perfect party storm it would be this — Spring Break, Ultra Music Festival, St. Patrick‘s Day.  While normally, in my usual overachieving style,  I’d have a jam-packed spirited schedule in the works, but this time I’m yearning a different type of stimulation. Continue reading

Social Good in the Hood – PhilanthroFest 2013

What is Philanthrofest? 

New Philanthrofest Flyer A volunteer-based organization that connects people, passion and philanthropy in South Florida. PhilanthroFest is also an annual, large-scale festival showcasing and celebrating South Florida philanthropic organizations, community resources and cultural arts.  Free and open to the public, we connect potential volunteers and donors to not-for-profit organizations and create an environment that promotes civic engagement and deepens community connections.

Now in its second year,  PhilanthroFest 2013  will take place on Saturday, April 6th and be located at Miami Dade College‘s Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami. It provides an incredible opportunity to connect Continue reading

The Big Shift: Going From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

gallery_pic_jgThis year, I have decided to make this my best year. To stop letting fear run the show and get out of my own way. This why I am so excited to attend, The Big Shift. This weekend I am kick starting myself inside and out.

You have all been hearing the buzz about Jennifer Grace, the Transformation Coach and Hay House author.  This weekend at the The Center of Grace she’s gathered an amazing team of wisdom professors to present The Big Shift, a well-rounded crash course designed to take you to the next level. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Check Out Moscow Disko Wednesdays at The Dome

I don’t usually post about every party happening in Miami. I’d never get any rest, however, this really caught my interest for several reasons.

1. The Dome Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, an environmentally conscious, farm-to-table eatery and caviar bar on Miracle Mile. The Dome is the first LEED® Silver certified restaurant in Coral Gables (only the 2nd in South Florida and the first independently owned). Continue reading