It’s all YOUR Fault! (Re: Why You’re Not Married)


Bottom line, y’all, if you are not in a relationship/marriage right now, it was completely your choice.  It’s not for me to say/judge whether it was a bad or good choice (nor do I intend to), but the choice ultimately was YOURS.  It always has been and always will be. Continue reading


ROLL CALL: Looking for a Few Good Men…

Actually, I only need one.

I am seeking MEN that are: Continue reading

Dear New York…


Dear New York,

I don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s officially June… Actually, we’re almost halfway through the month. I’m sure you probably didn’t get the memo and it was a complete and total oversight. Otherwise, I couldn’t imagine how we would be relegated to such cruelty. I would be willing to forgive this faux pas on one condition…. Please save yourself from further ridicule and adjust the weather accordingly. Seasonable spring/summer temperatures and sunshine would be much appreciated. ThxBye.

P.S. This is getting ridiculous.

Is Homosexuality a communicable disease??

So sorry to disappoint you, Im "strictly-dickly"

Of course, it isn’t!  I just wanted to prove a point.  First off, it’s not a disease.  Secondly, you don’t become “gay” by association. Yet, some people (on both sides of the team) would have you believe so.

I would have thought that as a community that has experienced so much discrimination and hate, they would be a little more sensitive and open-minded.  As a dark-skinned, Latin American, woman, I hit the gene pool lottery when it comes to the types of discrimination I could possibly experience, and LORD KNOWS, I’ve experienced them ALL…. except, I’m not gay.  Even so, I’m still very sensitive to the GLBT community and embrace them with open arms. Continue reading