The Big Shift: Going From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

gallery_pic_jgThis year, I have decided to make this my best year. To stop letting fear run the show and get out of my own way. This why I am so excited to attend, The Big Shift. This weekend I am kick starting myself inside and out.

You have all been hearing the buzz about Jennifer Grace, the Transformation Coach and Hay House author.  This weekend at the The Center of Grace she’s gathered an amazing team of wisdom professors to present The Big Shift, a well-rounded crash course designed to take you to the next level. Continue reading


Still Single? You Need to Get Rid of That Checklist!

Still Single? You Need to Get Rid of That Checklist!.

A brilliant post from Heart’s Desire International.

Is Homosexuality a communicable disease??

So sorry to disappoint you, Im "strictly-dickly"

Of course, it isn’t!  I just wanted to prove a point.  First off, it’s not a disease.  Secondly, you don’t become “gay” by association. Yet, some people (on both sides of the team) would have you believe so.

I would have thought that as a community that has experienced so much discrimination and hate, they would be a little more sensitive and open-minded.  As a dark-skinned, Latin American, woman, I hit the gene pool lottery when it comes to the types of discrimination I could possibly experience, and LORD KNOWS, I’ve experienced them ALL…. except, I’m not gay.  Even so, I’m still very sensitive to the GLBT community and embrace them with open arms. Continue reading