Whats with you?
Have you lost the taste for my hot chocolate?
Un pisquito de miel es mi toque especial,
El que le da el colorsito que te encanta,
Y el sabor caramelito… plus a secret ingredient.
¿Si te acuerdas como te encantaba?

Developed a taste for cafe con leche.
Looks more like leche con cafe.
Bland, Blanched and Baptized,
None of the creaminess you claimed to love
About my hot, hot chocolate.

Ya no te inspiran las ventanas de mi profundo mar,
Mysteriously Deep, Intriguingly Complex,
With so much life calmly swimming underneath
My tormented surface.
Te acuerdas como te mesia dentro de mis olas fria y tibias a la vez,
Y tu feliz de embriagarte de ellas
Ahora nadas dentros de lagos azul verdozos
Aqua seafoam, algae, lagoon
A mi me parecen aguas estancadas,
Y no la calma que vez tu.
Me decias que no te gustaban las piscinas
Pero ya no nadas en las ventanas de mi profundo mar.
You stare into the horizon and miss the point completely.

Como es que te gusta tanto algo que es tan diferente a lo que yo te ofreci?
Quizas yo he cambiado mi forma de cocinar,
y tu tus gustos al nadar…


Give it all to me…


Photo Credit: Dan Dangler

I don’t need to be teased.
Giving me just enough to appease.
Just good enough was never good enough for me.
Save it.
Small quantities do not satiate,
they frustrate
Appetizer love leaves me hungry. Wanting more…
Save it.
Little scraps will not calm the beast.
I want to feast.
I want it all.
Anything else is nothing.
Nothing else will do.
Save it.

Untitled (Let Me Love You)

Credit: Artist – Leonid Afremov

Let me love you, baby.
I’m not saying it’s going to be a walk in the park.
But maybe…. *smile*
It will be,
Just that simple.
Just to walk with you…
for a little while
or a long while.
It’s not a walk down an aisle,
just a path, a journey…
Together if you so desire.
No destination in mind.
Take our time and stroll.
Just explore,
Find out more…
about you, about me.
about ourselves.
Already took the first step
All you gotta do is take the next.
Will you? Let me love you.

No Hard Feelings…


Love about to wash away...

(Photo credit: he(art)geek)

Give me something, feasible, viable…. What is this plan of yours? Give me something tangible, something I can hold, something I can touch and touches me. Words remain for a fleeting moment and are carried away by the wind, as if the syllables had never been breathed from someone’s lips. A brief mental lapse. Give me something real so that I never have any doubt. Continue reading

Lost in Translation

Male & Female

 (Photo credit: Conanil)

I wrote this many years ago, circa 2007, a young ingenue exploring the differences in communication styles between men and women. I confess, I was drunk when I wrote this….

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