The 10 Absolute Truths About Men in Miami

by Dirk DeSouza*

  1. No man will ever willing move away from Miami for any reason whatsoever unless it involves mandatory corporate relocation or family pressures
  2. Once a man, regardless of looks or income, has sex with a girl who’s approximately 2x hotter than any girl he ever dated from his hometown in another state, will ever forget the experience and will emotionally abuse lesser-looking girls as long as he lives here Continue reading

Letter to: Mr. Duplicity

Hey Beautiful People!

Many times, friends reach out to me for advice.  I’m asked “What would you do in this situation?” or “What would you say to this person?”  To that end, I’m starting a “Dear Dani” segment where I either address the situation or draft a letter addressing the situation. The advice seeker can then use this information however they see fit (letter, email, in person, etc).

So let me give you the Q&D (Quick and Dirty) on today’s situation:

Dear Dani,

I met this guy and we had an instant connection.  The chemistry was off the charts.  Because of this connection, we kinda hooked up on the first night, which it so not like me and he claimed he wasn’t after that. I kind of gave in Continue reading