3 Reasons Why Great Women Stay in Bad Relationships

I’m sure you have a friend — awesome, successful, beautiful, got it goin’– (maybe it’s you) that is dating that guy you perceive as a loser, when clearly, she could totally do better. Maybe you’ve already told her and she KNOWS the guy is bad news… So what’s keeping her there?  Good news is, she’s not entirely bat shit crazy. Here are some reasons why she hasn’t pulled the plug on Mr. Sexo-DeadBeat.


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You Snooze? You Lose… Especially when it comes to your Ex.


Ever notice how #guys have this internal alarm that turns on precisely at the moment when their ex has moved on… and then they SWOOP in to try to get them back. It’s not fair. BOTTOM LINE: You don’t close the deal, you don’t get the girl.    #ThingsMenDo

Are You Falling for the Current/Ex Lover Sob Story?


Every man begins the relationship with certain cards up his sleeve — Aces — tools of seduction by which he lures a new woman.  Just when I think I’ve seen them all, these ever inventive creatures find new and creative ways to disarm and subsequently bed unsuspecting women.  

One of the most notorious examples is: The Current/Ex GF Sob Story. 

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The search is OVER! You ARE Mr./Ms. Right…

Face it, Girl! Prince Charming is living with Mr. Right.

In reading a post on the new In Love and War Blog on a Woman’s Quest for Mr. Right, I discovered how truly misguided we are in our search for companionship.

Marcos writes:

“There are men out there that if given the chance, will treat you like queens but I bet some women will find that corny. Instead they want the guy that ends up breaking their hearts.”

Rosie writes:

“I agree with you on the idea that women find nice guys as the weaker link, realistically speaking there is nothing “hotter” than a good pursuit. Come on, a challenge is always more exciting. You know what I mean… that thrill of waiting by the phone to see if he’ll finally call after a week of waiting, the intrigue of whether or not he finds you to be irresistible, or after the first date wondering if he is dating others or if you are the only one in his life. It’s part of the game we all fall into and play at some point in our lives…”

I couldn’t help but comment on what can only be described as sensationalization. I can’t fathom that people really believe that women really want to get treated badly and that all nice guys are the weakest link.  All this circles back to my previous blog about being inherently masochistic when it comes to love.  I’d like to believe otherwise, but I digress… Continue reading