This blog is about my favorite subject: Passion. What drives us?

Having always been fascinated by how we relate to one another, I explored this topic through writing about Love, SexRelationships (and the subsequent Brain Damage associated with involvement in any of the aforementioned). What inspires us to love and what keeps us from it? Through my studies, I have found that how we related to one another begins with the relationship we have with ourselves. So my question transformed from “What’s keeping us from love?” to “What’s keeping us from ourselves?” After all, we ARE Love. 🙂

I generally throw in the occasional random musing for my (and your) entertainment. If you’ve laughed, smiled, or gotten any inspiration from reading this, then it would have served its purpose.

Please enjoy my site. Have any questions, comments or suggestions? Contact me!

Love, Blessings, y Buena Vibra,

Dani V

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